Current Newsletter Why not prevent alcohol-related problems before a death occurs?
August 2019 Why are Alcohol Regulations Primarily "State-based"?
July 2019 How Alcohol Marketplace Domination Creates Problems for Public Health and Safety
June 2019 Public Support for State-based Alcohol Regulation is Very High
May 2019 Direct Shipment of Alcohol: Are We There Yet?
April 2019 Private Labels Threaten Alcohol Market Balance
March 2019 Protecting Our Investment in College Students—what steps should we take?
February 2019 How can we prevent alcohol-related harm in problem bars?
January 2019 Status of Small Alcohol Suppliers: Still Growing with Bright Spots and Bumps
December 2018 Here’s to Safe Celebrations for the Holiday Season!
November 2018 The rationale for tighter control of liquor versus wine and beer
October 2018 Multiple Policies Needed to Balance Alcohol Prices
September 2018 New Report on Fake IDs Makes a Case for Better Training
August 2018 The Problem of the Absentee Owner
July 2018 Moderation and the Icelandic model
June 2018 Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in 1934 or Skip to 2018?
May 2018 hen Suppliers Morph into Retailers
April 2018 Alcohol Awareness Month and College Drinking
March 2018 Mexico finds more fake tequila and why the US rarely faces this issue.
But this could change!
February 2018 How to ensure alcohol “modernization” doesn’t just become alcohol deregulation
January 2018 Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community: What does it mean for alcohol sales?
December 2017 Safe socializing for the holidays
November 2017 Major Beer Companies Seek Brew Pub Licenses
October 2017 Americans say public safety first for alcohol regulation!
September 2017 New short report on small suppliers now available
August 2017 Toward Liquor Control: The Beginning of US Alcohol Regulation
July 2017 Alcohol Policy Research: Where do I find it?
June 2017 Public Health Officials are Overwhelmed!
May 2017 Are we sure alcohol products are safe?
April 2017 Alcohol Awareness Month…and kids
March 2017 Advocating for Safe Socializing
February 2017 Women’s Risky Drinking
January 2017 Key Points for Alcohol Policy from Surgeon General’s Report: The Problem of Binge Drinking
December 2016 Why do we ban exclusive alcohol sales agreements?
November 2016 UPDATED: The Dangers of Deregulation, the UK Experience
October 2016 Regulate Marijuana like Tobacco? Or Alcohol? Or Prescription Drugs?
Or Over the Counter Drugs?
September 2016 The Importance of Compliance with Alcohol Regulations
August 2016 Let’s Make the Problem of Underage Drinking a Thing of the Past!
July 2016 Why you should be worried about the impending big beer merger!
June 2016 Compliance Issues with Direct Shipment of Alcohol to Customers
May 2016 Dangerous Alcohol Products for Sale in Your Neighborhood Grocery Store
April 2016 Public Supports Strong Alcohol Policies: new report now available
March 2016 Study finds strong alcohol laws equal fewer cirrhosis deaths
February 2016 The Difficulty of Enforcing Fair Trade Practice Regulations
January 2016 Alcohol Abuse Adds to the Cost of Health Care
December 2015 Return of the Tied House? The Problems of Domination by Large Companies
November 2015 Latest alcohol trends indicate concerns about some adult drinking patterns
October 2015 Mixing Alcohol and Marijuana
September 2015 What do alcohol fair business practices have to do with public health and safety?
August 2015 Pre-loading adds to UK alcohol problems.
July 2015 The Difficulty of Re-Regulation. Lesson from New Zealand.
June 2015 Why Shouldn’t Alcohol be Sold in a Free Market? It’s a Legal Product.
May 2015 Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol? Not Possible at this Time
April 2015 Le Binge Drinking. Quel problème!
March 2015 The High Cost of Revolving Doors
February 2015 Let’s not Lose our Investment in College Youth to Binge Drinking!
January 2015 Making the Case for Greater Investment in Prevention
December 2014 Major Reductions in Youth Risky Behaviors are a Cause for Celebration
November 2014 Marijuana Legalization Advocates Say Alcohol Regulation is a Model to Follow!
October 2014 What Happens When Liquor Licensees Operate Outside their Boundaries?
September 2014 Public Health Voice is Needed
August 2014 Alcohol in the Military…a Deadly Foe!
July 2014 Washington Privatization: Promises made, promises broken
June 2014 Private Label Drops Vodka Price to $.20 per Drink
May 2014 Think regulating alcohol is difficult? Just add marijuana!
April 2014 All alcohol products are not equal. Some require greater care.
March 2014 Worried about Drinking and Spring Break? Parents can use their strong influence even for college students!
February 2014 2014 Issue Briefs Now Available for Download
January 2014 Revenue from Privatization may be Disappointing
December 2013 Holiday safety…the retailers role
November 2013 Why do most Americans strongly support alcohol regulation?
October 2013 UK Struggles to Reduce Cheap Alcohol
September 2013 Why should we care about wholesale price restrictions for alcohol?
August 2013 Don’t break a successful regulatory system; the Australian example
July 2013 Alcohol is Not Bread
June 2013 A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Alcohol Imapared Driving
May 2013 Specialized Alcohol Retail Stores are the Best Option for Public Health and Safety
April 2013 Voluntary Compliance: An Important Enforcement Resource
March 2013 Two New Educational Resources Now Available
February 2013 2013 Issue Briefs Focus on Regulatory Issues
January 2013 A History Lesson from the UK
December 2012 How to “Drink Responsibly”
October 2012 A Life “Shattered”
September 2012 Public Support for Alcohol Regulation is Widespread
August 2012 Apathy About Alcohol Harm is Infecting the Nation!
July 2012 United Kingdom Alcohol Epidemic: An Update, Part III
June 2012 United Kingdom Alcohol Epidemic: An Update, Part II
May 2012 United Kingdom Alcohol Epidemic: An Update, Part 1
April 2012 Alcohol Awareness Month: Preventing Alcohol’s Devastating Impact on Men
March 2012 States’ Regulatory Authority in Jeopardy!
February 2012 2012 Issue Briefs Focus on Alcohol Regulatory Issues
January 2012 What Can We Do To Prevent Alcohol Poisoning Deaths?
December 2011 Fake Alcohol is Rare in the US
November 2011 Major Alcohol Deregulation Ballot Measure Passes in Washington State
October 2011 What Did We Learn from Prohibition?
September 2011 Paying for Enforcement at a Time of Budget Cuts
August 2011 What Have We Learned About Underage Drinking?
July 2011 “Toward Liquor Control” Reissued
June 2011 When is a Beer a Beer? Alcohol Definitions are Critical De-Regulation Issues!
May 2011 A Large Majority of Americans Support Alcohol Regulation and Are Satisfied with Product Availability
April 2011 The High Cost of Cheap Alcohol
March 2011 Diverse Coalitions are as American as Apple Pie!
February 2011 Alcohol Policy 15 Conference Focuses on Alcohol Availability
January 2011 “Issue Briefs” Available for States
November 2010 Washington Ballot Measures Defeated!
October 2010 The Benefits of Washington’s Alcohol System
September 2010 Action Needed from Alcohol Abuse Prevention Advocates!
August 2010 The High Cost of Lawsuits Against State Alcohol Beverage Control Agencies
July 2010 Why Do More Alcohol Outlets Lead to Greater Alcohol Problems?
June 2010 Major Alcohol System Deregulation Proposed for Washington State
March 2010 Local Influence on Alcohol Regulation – How Important is It?
February 2010 United Kingdom Alcohol Epidemic Fact Finding Mission
January 2010 The Perils of Price Wars!
December 2009 Partying at Home: Implications for Alcohol Regulators
November 2009 Finding the Right Price
October 2009 “Alcohol is Different!” NCSLA Panel Concludes
May 2009 Alcohol Retailers and Offsite Warehouses
March 2009 Just What is a Healthy Alcohol Marketplace?
December 2008 Campaign Continues to Fight Deregulation
September 2008 Learn More About the Campaign

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Strengthening Alcohol Regulation: How to reduce the availability of cheap alcohol attractive to youth in your community.
Overall objective is to encourage greater community use of local and state alcohol regulations which curtail price, promotion, product and place.

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The High Cost of Cheap Alcohol

"Each year alcohol claims 79,000 lives. It is the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death. In 2005, 1.6 million hospitalizations and 4 million emergency room visits occurred due to alcohol. (1) To put these figures in perspective, almost 6,000 military personnel have lost their lives in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and an estimated 3,000 people die each year due to food borne illness."

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The Value of Alcohol Regulation in today’s climate
"Our greatest protection is an effective alcohol control system which addresses the ABC’s of regulation."

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