Healthy Alcohol Marketplace Balancing public safety and business needs


2020 Issue Briefs for States Brief Explanations of Common Alcohol Regulatory Issues Facing State and Local Communities. Click here to download PDF.

Short report — Protecting Our Investment in College Students — what steps should we take? Young people are our future. We have made very large investments in college education. Yet, our future is threatened by underage drinking, excessive alcohol use, drug use and the problems that accompany these behaviors. We have had great success with reducing underage drinking for middle and high school students, but we have not had the same experience with college students. Click here to download PDF.

Short Report — Special Rules for Small Brewers, Wineries and Distillers. The alcohol supplier landscape has The alcohol supplier landscape has dramatically changed. Not too long ago, there were just a few large suppliers for beer, wine and spirits that dominated the market. Think Anheuser-Busch, Gallo and Seagram’s. Over the years, many small operators disappeared and there were few new entrants. Today, we have a completely different picture. Click here to download PDF.

The Dangers of Alcohol Deregulation: The UK Experience, 2016 Update In 2009, the first version of this report outlined what happened in the United Kingdom when alcohol regulations were loosened. It described a five decade process of deregulation. During that time, consumption by the whole population more than doubled and women began drinking in greater numbers. Click here to download PDF.

Public Supports Strong Alcohol Policies. There is no cry for greater convenience! Today, local and state government officials are faced with many attempts at loosening alcohol regulation with a stated goal of creating more outlets, increasing the days and hours of sale, and increasing convenience. Click here to download PDF.

Fair Trade PracticeWhy economic fair play is a public health issue for alcohol. Have you ever ordered a Coke and the server said, “Is Pepsi okay?” Did you wonder why they only have one cola product? Do you wonder why this never happens with alcohol products? For the cola products, one company paid the retailer to carry only their products and exclude others. This is an illegal practice for alcohol. Click here to view or download PDF.

The advantages of a small, rural high school
Read Pamela Erickson’s inspirational speech to students of her high school! Click here.

Private Label Alcohol
This is a brief report on a topic that is of concern for public health. Private label products are a way to reduce prices in a highly competitive environment. Because youth seek alcohol primarily for intoxication, they could be readily drawn to such products. This report will describe the state of private label products, explain the concerns and urge regulators to examine the issues in light of their regulations. Click here to download PDF.

Alcohol Deregulation by Ballot Measure in Washington State A Status Report on the Implementation of Measure 1183. By Pamela S. Erickson, M.A., CEO, Public Action Management, PLC. Click here to download PDF.

The Center for Alcohol Policy’s educational video, The Origin of Today’s Alcohol Regulatory System, has been honored with a silver award in the TRENDS All Media Contest in the “CD, Video, Podcast or PSA” category. The award was presented this week at the TRENDS 2014 Salute to Association Excellence in Washington, D.C.

Safe and Sound: How the three-tier system of U.S. alcohol regulations helps ensure safe products and protects against revenue loss. Click here to download PDF.

The Dangers of Alcohol Deregulation: The United Kingdom Experience by Pam Erickson. Click here to download PDF.

The Dangers of Alcohol Deregulation: The United Kingdom Experience 2012 Update. Click here to download PDF.

The High Cost of Cheap Alcohol
This report is designed to educate the public about the alcohol regulatory system and how it works. Click here to download PDF.

Featured Presentations

Unraveling the Mystery of U.S. Alcohol Regulation:

Webinar January 16, 2019
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Why is a Fair and Even Alcohol Marketplace Critical for Public Health and Safety? A Workshop on Fair Trade Practices for Alcohol.

Pamela S. Erickson, former Executive Director, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Creator of “Campaign for a Healthy Alcohol Marketplace.” , October 18, 2019, Salt City, Utah
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Why Can’t We Sell Alcohol Like Tires and Mayonnaise?

By Pamela S. Erickson, M.A., CEO Public Action Management, PLC, Former Director, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, North Carolina Substance Abuse Prevention Conference May 2-3, 2017, Raleigh, North Carolina
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